Bellatrix Exploration PLC To DCS Migration

Feb 2018

BXE has experienced tremendous growth in the spirit river area. With numerous natural gas facilities, BXE planned and executed, construction of a natural gas Deep cut facility, with the sole purpose of recovering valuable liquids form their produced gas from the field as well as third party producers.

BXE, seeing massive returns from this facility, planned on twinning the facility to more than double the output. The current control system, being an over loaded PLC, was going to result unreasonable costs if expanded aggressively. Considering BXE showed interest in moving past 2 phases of the growth, the cost of growing the PLC network would be exponential. Apollo was engaged in a feasibility study which included a return on investment for a migration to DCS for overall operational cost as well as detailed engineering savings on future expansions. Apollo was the main over all contractor for Automaton (MAC). The personnel were responsible for the feasibility study, procurement of equipment, planning and execution of the migration. The project was not only executed under budget, future returns on investment from maintenance and expansions returned slightly more than projected from cost savings. 

Brucejack Mine.jpg

Pretivm Resources Bruce Jack Gold Mine

April 2018

Apollo personnel were engaged to audit an existing Delta V DCS configuration that was configured and tested by a third party. Apollo scope included: Main Automation Contracting (MAC) consulting to third party vendors on behalf of Pretivm, Audit and consulting in respect to third party vendors packages and integration to the main DCS system, remaining factory acceptance testing (FAT) before being implemented, commissioning planning and co-ordination with third party vendors for integration and testing on site, also sign off's for all listed above, function testing and commissioning on site including startup support. Apollo has an ongoing relationship with Pretivm resources which includes, continued expansion and maintenance of the main Brucejack processing facility.


Bellatrix Exploration Data Center Move

June 2017

The need for centralized data processing for production accounting, engineering and exploration was apparent. Apollo personnel were responsible for security, communications, equipment supply and turnkey implementation. Specific scope included the following: Project management, design and implementation of server rack equipment, design and implementation of a current communications system as well as the implementation of a new radio network, on site backups, metering drawings, production accounting for third party users and QA/QC for procured panels and factory acceptance testing. The design incorporated modbus TCP, DNP 3, RS232 and RS485 protocols. Apollo successfully confronted cultural differences between corporate accounting, IT and operations. The system was successfully implemented in a new data center with a cut over time of less than half an hour. Success was found in the implementation of optimization systems such as plunger lift and gas lift systems, increasing production and providing the exploitation engineers with significantly more usable data.